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2018 Leading a workshop for Brazilian Dance at international inclusiv dance festival, organized from Kreisau-Initiativ in Krzyzowa (Poland)
2018 Participation in the relocation Children's Carnival of Cultures with the built motto animal Bee, Whitsun
2017 Participation in the relocation Children's Carnival of Cultures with the built motto animal Sea Lion, Whitsun

Theatreproject Bege(h)gnungen (Flyer)
2016 Theatreproject in church to the salvation, Berlin-Schönenberg with young refugees from Afghanistan
2015 Zona K in Milan/Italy, Offer of Movement

Carnival of Cultures (Whitsun), Berlin
2014 Middleageproject, theatre and dance
2013 Dillingen and Bogen, Bavaria
2013 Danube-Projectweek from UNESCO, Dillingen (Bavaria)
2012 Dance theatre with stepdance (cooperation with TapBeat) on the subject "Time" in the italian Europe-School, competition LKJ Berlin e.V.
2011 Carnival of Cultures (Whitsun), Berlin
2011 Dance theatre with subject "casting and friendship"
2010 Carnival of Cultures (Whitsun), Berlin
2009 Dance theatre on the subject of mobbing (Choreographie by music from Michael Jackson - Beat it), Berlin
2009 Carnival of Cultures, Dançarinos alegres nascente do Spree (60 schoolgirls from six elementary schools in Berlin)
2008 European-Arab dialogue - UNESCO-meeting "Taking Responsibility for the Future", Barka, Oman, and “Learning for sustainability in a world of cultural diversity”, Berlin, (implementation of contents through dance and art)
2007 Cultura Popular, Brazilian dance at a HR School in Hamburg- Lurup final presentation in the school and at the Carnival of Cultures Parade (September 2007)
2007 "The World on a Waggon" musical in front of the Honigfabrik in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg (July 2007)
2007 Performance of “global steps-dancing classroom” in Marseille (June 2007)
2006 in continuation of " violence in dance"
2006 - 2008 Kulturschule (School of Culture), Hamburg-Harburg, dance theatre dealing with work (2006), home country (2007) and future (2008)
2006 - 2008 Theme atelier on cultural education at all-day schools, dance theatre at a special education school in Hamburg- Niendorf
2005 Schnelsen on stage