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2021 The latest videos from South African theatre colleagues, the Jungle Theatre, are a special recommendation:
Jungle Theatre; Healthy Bird; Waldorf Intercultural; Global Folktale (German Subtitles)
Further information is available by email on request; donations are also forwarded.
2019/2020 Matching-Meeting Johannesburg/South Africa, participation exchange Germany-Czech Republic and Turkey
2018/2019 Leading a workshop for Brazilian Dance at international inclusiv dance festival organized from Kreisau-Initiative in Krzyzowa (Poland)
2017 Theatreproject in Ulme35, InterKulturAnstalten
2015 Training at LVR Spandau (Association for Riding and Vaulting sport in Berlin-Brandenburg)
2014 Participant at 3. german-chineses partner-conference in Qindao/China
2013 1. Europe-Africa Academy in Kisangara/Tanzania, UNESCO-Project
2012 World Dance Day, Workshop for Brazilian Dance and Community Dance, Dansens Hus, Copenhagen
2010 Siegessäule, Berlin - your face
2010 Richard - Quarterspaper of Richardplatz South, 44. Issue, May 2010
2009 catalog DIVERCITY, meeting-spots, pages 50 - 53
2009 Performance at World Dancing Day, 29.04.2009
2008 working-tool 11 of DKJS, pages 42/43, 52/53, 116/117, cultural education at GTS
2007 "Künstlerische Bildung als Blick auf uns selbst - Jugendliche zwischen Kunst, Kultur und Gesellschaft" (Artistic Creation as a Look on Ourselves - Adolescents between Art, Culture and Society), pages 38 - 41 & 52 - 57, edited by Dr. Lars Göhmann
2007/04 Querlight No. 42, page 4, Themestudio of Cultural Education
2006/08 Laboratorium - Information about Community Dance
2006/06 Querlight No. 40, page 23, Themestudio: "Street Kickers" on the Road!
2006 DKJS Dokumentation 3, Circus at All-Day School, pages 62, 65 - 67
2006 Dance at Schools, Project Dancetheatre at Special School, pages 124/125, Status and Outlook, K. Kieser-Publishing Company
2018 Building bridges: be active, a youth exchange with young people from Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania and Ukraine in Krzyzowa (Poland) - Inclusion Dance Festival (organised from Kreisau Initiative association)
2017 Theatreproject in Ulme35, InterKulturAnstalten
2012 Worlddanceday, Workshop for Brasil Rhythm and Community Dance, Dansens Hus, Copenhagen/DK
2011/2010 Dançarinos alegres nascente do Spree (D.a.n.d.S.) at Carnival of Cultures, Whitsun and World-Dance-Day and others
2011 Worlddanceday, 29/04/2011, Nytorv stage in Copenhagen
2010 Dançarinos alegres nascente do Spree (D.a.n.d.S.) at Carnival of Cultures, Whitsun
2010 Beat it (Dance theatre on the subject of mobbing)
2009 Dançarinos alegres nascente do Spree (D.a.n.d.S.) at Carnival of Cultures, Whitsun
2008 Themestudio Cultural Education - Romeo und Juliet (Dancetheatre)
2007 Cultura Popular (with Carlos da Silva) at HR-School HH-Lurup
2007 Toutes Directions ("global steps" with "dancing classroom" at Marseille)
2007 an Imagefilm of Honigfabrik for the Musical "The World on a Waggon"